Roads debacle continues on South Gippsland Highway

Gippsland roads continue to deteriorate as a result of neglect and funding cuts by the State Labor Government.

The Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien said he was disappointed that a seriously dangerous stretch of the South Gippsland Highway has still not been addressed despite warning signs being placed up months ago.

“The South Gippsland Highway at Foster North near the Grassy Spur has become so worn and polished due to a lack of maintenance that I’ve had truck drivers raise concerns that they will lose grip and control of their vehicles.

“Indeed, this is the same stretch of road where a motorcycle police officer had a serious accident some months ago and yet nothing has been done to fix it.

“I wrote to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety in July about this stretch of road only to be told that it was part of a ‘management plan’ with no timeline given for when the road surface will be fixed.

“All that has happened is that 80km/h speed signs have been erected that also refer to ‘roadworks’ which is a complete misnomer as no roadworks have or are occurring.”

Mr O’Brien said the Foster North section was just one of dozens of areas on the South Gippsland and many other highways around the region that are in a poor state due to Labor’s funding cuts.

“We have seen a 25 per cent cut to the road maintenance budget this financial year which takes the total cut since 2020 to 45 per cent. If people are wondering why our roads have got so bad there’s only one direction to look.

“Without the necessary funding VicRoads and its contractors are ham-strung – to the extent that the Government is planning no road resurfacing program this year for the first time in decades.

“That will just make our roads more susceptible to damage and more problems in the future.”

Mr O’Brien said the solution is additional funding for road maintenance as well as more scrutiny and accountability over road building and maintenance contracts.

“The Government has wasted more than $30 billion on cost overruns on mega projects in the city and yet our country roads are goat tracks.

“I’ll continue to fight for better roads for Gippslanders and all around the state.”

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