How many Environment Ministers does it take to fix erosion?

The ongoing erosion at Lake Victoria foreshore in Loch Sport and the threat that it represents to both public and private land remains a top priority for The Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien.

Speaking in Parliament recently, Mr O’Brien extended an invitation to Steve Dimopoulos to visit Loch Sport as the new Minister for Environment.

“Since my election as Member for Gippsland South in 2014 I have seen the matter of the erosion at Loch Sport fall subject to numerous reports, consultants and inquiries without any real commitment to long-term action,” Mr O’Brien said.

“Mr Dimopoulos is the fourth minister to take on the environment portfolio since that time and I am trying to remain optimistic that he will be the one to finally step-up and put the money on the table to implement a solution.

“I was grateful to the previous Minister, Ingrid Stitt, for taking the time to visit and see the escalating problem first-hand in September, but with the recent cabinet reshuffle, I am now urging her replacement to take the same initiative.”

Mr O’Brien said BMT Commercial Australia produced a report that was used for public consultation in mid-2022 which highlighted several options to address the erosion, but more than two years on the community is still waiting for action.

“Consultation undertaken on this report showed the installation of groynes in the water to reduce the erosion was overwhelmingly backed by the community.

“This has clearly worked in other parts of the foreshore where they have been installed for many years.”

Mr O’Brien said the issue has been swept under the carpet by previous Ministers through temporary fixes that have simply seen the walking track along the foreshore relocated to higher ground.

“We are now faced with the issue of overcoming the steepness of the cliff-face where the track will need to be relocated to.

“It is clear that temporary fixes are just that and that a long-term solution must be identified, funded and implemented as an immediate priority.”

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