Hyland Highway slip needs urgent action

The Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien is demanding the Minister for Roads step in to deliver an urgent solution to the major landslip on the Hyland Highway between Yarram and Traralgon.

Mr O’Brien said he was pleased to hear that funding has been secured for the repairs to the major landslip and final designs and engineering assessments are almost complete.

“This landslip has been a long time in the making with the issue originally recorded by VicRoads in April last year and the problem rapidly deteriorating after heavy spring and summer rains.

“I’m pleased that there is now a pathway forward, but I am concerned that there will be an ongoing delay in reconstruction occurring.

“It’s time the Minister for Roads acknowledged just how crucial this link is for the people of Yarram and district and the anxiety it has caused over recent months.

“Frankly, I’m astounded that the slip, which has reduced the highway to one lane, has not worsened and taken the remaining lane with it, and I fear that is still a prospect.

“That’s why the Minister needs to step in and ensure that this project is prioritised. It is unfathomable that a major road linking a district population of some 6000 people could be left in limbo this long.

“While I acknowledge that it’s a difficult and technical fix, the prospect of a road closure is not something a community the size of Yarram and district should be forced to contemplate.”

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