Duck win – Some common sense at last

The Nationals Member for Gippsland South Danny O’Brien says the Labor Government’s decision to continue duck season is, at last, a win for common sense and science.

Mr O’Brien said the debate about duck season is shrouded in emotion and politics, as evidenced by the biased recommendations of the parliamentary inquiry.

“The evidence tendered to the inquiry made it very clear that habitat is the main driver of duck populations and hunting has very little impact on native bird numbers.

“The Government’s decision is the right one and finally gives some hope to those who partake in traditional activities that are constantly under threat by out of touch inner city activists.

“Nonetheless, I think we should always be vigilant, and hunters will need to continue to do the right thing to guard against ongoing campaigns to shut down their legitimate activity.”

Mr O’Brien said he was disappointed that despite the incredibly wet seasons and huge bird breeding events, the Government had still reduced the season to eight weeks and a six-bird bag limit.

“I’m also alarmed at the proposed 8am start times each day which seems designed simply to frustrate hunters.

“Nonetheless, the decision is a good one and I look forward to hunters right across Gippsland being able to continue their favourite pastime.”

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