Support for Yarram transport options

The Yarram community is calling on the Andrews Labor Government to establish a bus service between Sale and Yarram.

The Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien has tabled a petition in Parliament drawing the State Government’s attention to the need for a public transport service between Sale and Yarram.

Mr O’Brien said there are very limited options for public transport in Yarram and he was hopeful this petition would result in at least a trial return bus route from Yarram to Sale to gauge the level of demand.

“Like much of the Gippsland region, there is a clear need for better public transport options in Yarram.

“Currently the only option for public transport offered by VLine is a two-and-a-half-hour bus ride to Melbourne via Leongatha three times a day and a bus that will get you to Traralgon, but there is nothing to get you to Sale other than a taxi or a convoluted trip involving a combination of buses and trains.”

Mr O’Brien said there is a demonstrated need for Yarram residents to be able to travel to Sale to access a number of key services and facilities that are not available in their hometown.

“It is frustrating that residents in a town in the Wellington Shire can’t access public transport to get to the town where the Shire offices are located. Sale is also home to key medical services that are critical to many in Yarram, particularly given the on-going difficulty sourcing enough GPs in Yarram.”

Mr O’Brien said the calls for a bus from Sale to Yarram were not new.

“I have consistently written to the numerous Public Transport Ministers over the years, but only ever received lip service.

“In 2016 I wrote to the then Public Transport Minister, Jacinta Allan and was told that PTV (Public Transport Victoria) was liaising with stakeholders.

 “In 2018 I was told Transport for Victoria was regularly reviewing the framework and in 2019 the then Minister, Melissa Horne assured me that the Department of Transport was continuing to monitor demand for services.

 “It is clear that a petition was needed to show Ben Carroll, the current Minister for Public Transport that the demand for this service from our local community is considerable.”

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