PROGRAM – Business of the House

Mr D O’BRIEN (Gippsland South) (12:30): There is so much love in the room. I am feeling it with the member for Rowville back in the chair, back with his old sparring partner, the Leader of the House. It is just lovely. Genuinely, as the minister who just spoke, the member for Essendon, reflected on—I think what he said was true—there were some wonderful contributions this morning on the condolence motions. I actually would like to pay particular credit to the Minister for Corrections, when she spoke on Bunna Walsh. It evoked a time that is long gone I think in Victoria and indeed Australia, the time of the men on the wharves, and it was interesting to hear her, the member for Albert Park and the member for Richmond as well reflecting on those days. And yes, they were a good reflection on the chamber, those condolence motions.

I will not speak in too much detail. We have the Justice Legislation Amendment Bill 2022 and the Victims of Crime (Financial Assistance Scheme) Bill 2022 to come. We also have the motion recognising the tragic loss of another Victoria Police officer in Mildura, which we will do tomorrow; and I look forward to the Leader of the Opposition’s budget reply speech almost as much as I look forward to Public Accounts and Estimates Committee hearings starting on Friday. I am very excited about it, and I am sure Hansard will pick up the excitement in my voice.

Mr Pearson: It is the first time the National Party has actually had the deputy chair.

Mr D O’BRIEN: No. Second go. I have already had a go.

Mr Pearson: No. You are the first deputy chair of the National Party.

The SPEAKER: Order! Through the Chair.

Mr D O’BRIEN: Through the Chair. Sorry. Also on the agenda is the Agriculture Legislation Amendment Bill 2022, which I spoke on last week. Some members will be aware of the various theories going around about this legislation. I almost would like to have another go at it given the frankly wacko conspiracy theories that are being put out there about this legislation, picked up by none other than a backbench One Nation MP from Queensland, who apparently knows more about this legislation than we do here in Victoria. But anyway, unfortunately I have already had my go on that bill.

Ms Allan: Are you being critical of George Christensen? That is a bit rough.

Mr D O’BRIEN: No. Anyway, it is otherwise a busy program for the next few days, so I shall leave my contribution at that.

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