Road repairs slashed under Labor

Gippslanders can expect our roads to get worse after the Allan Labor Government slashed its road maintenance program for next financial year.

The Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien who serves as a member of Parliament’s Public Accounts and Estimates Committee (PAEC) said the committee has heard that despite the dire state of our roads, the “rehabilitation and resurfacing” program targets will be slashed by 75 per cent next financial year.

“We all know our roads are in a dire state after years of successive cuts.  Now this budget reduces the road repair program from 12 million square metres two years ago to a target of just three million next year.

“I am regularly contacted by locals who are in complete despair at the state of our roads and further cuts are only going to make things worse.

“We are now at a point where 388 km of road is already subject to speed restrictions due to lack of maintenance.

“Reductions in the rehabilitation and resurfacing program will only see our roads deteriorate further and with almost 2000 Victorians having lodged claims for compensation for damage to vehicles caused by the road in the past three years, the cost will keep adding up.”

Mr O’Brien said the only highlight out of the PAEC hearings was news that works to repair the land slip on the Hyland Highway had finally begun.

“The Hyland Highway to Yarram has been reduced to a single lane near Carrajung since December after what started as a minor issue became a major problem due to inadequate repairs.

“I’ve been lobbying the Minister for months to turn her attention to this repair and was pleased to hear funding had been secured back in February.

“It’s extremely disappointing it has taken so long to get this repair underway but I’m pleased the early stabilisation works have now begun.”

Mr O’Brien said the Allan Labor Government has also cut $88 million from its Road Safety Fund this year with a further cut of 27 per cent next financial year, despite a rise in the road toll.

“Labor can’t manage money and Gippslanders are suffering the consequences.”

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