Road funding cuts lead to dangerous and deplorable outcomes

Gippsland motorists are facing increasingly dangerous conditions on our roads due to continued funding cuts by the Andrews Labor Government.

That is the view of The Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien who is alarmed at recent instances of neglect that are affecting Gippsland Roads.

Mr O’Brien recently raised concerns with the Department of Transport and Planning (DTP) over the state of a number of roads including the Rosedale-Longford Road which has now had a permanent speed reduction just on the area of poor pavement.

“The section of Rosedale-Longford Road at the Rosedale end is in a dire state and has recently been “fixed” by VicRoads placing a 60km/h permanent speed reduction around the road damage.

“On asking the Government when it would be fixing this issue, I have been told it is now subject to a “pavement in poor condition management plan” which entails a permanent speed reduction, placement of warning signs and planned rehabilitation ‘subject to funding’.

The Nationals Member for Gippsland South Danny O’Brien says Gippslanders can expect more speed reductions and warning signs on our local roads due the financial mismanagement of the Andrews Labor Government

“In other words, VicRoads can’t fix it because it doesn’t have the funding so the best they can do for the moment is to reduce the speed limit and put up warning signs.

“This is occurring right throughout Gippsland due to the 25 per cent cut to the road asset management program in this year’s State Budget, which is on top of previous cuts over recent years.

“The Andrews Labor Government is wasting billions of dollars on cost-overruns on mega-projects in the city but can’t find the money to fix our dangerous and degraded local roads.

“We recently saw further confirmation of these cuts with news that there will be virtually no roads resurfacing program across the state this year.

“Usually, contractors from VicRoads resurface around 8 per cent of the entire network which is preventative maintenance to ensure the roads don’t further degrade over time.

“The fact that this program has been virtually cancelled and serious problems like that on the Rosedale-Longford Road are not being addressed are an indictment on the Andrews Labor Government’s financial mismanagement.

“Unfortunately, it is Gippslanders who pay the consequences due to poor roads.”

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