Police station delays raised in Parliament again

Ongoing delays with the sale and use of the former Sale police station have been raised again in Parliament by The Nationals Member for Gippsland South Danny O’Brien.

Mr O’Brien said it was now eight years since the Sale police station moved and the old site remains unused, vandalised and in need of action.

“In budget hearings recently and again in debate on some land legislation I have highlighted the ongoing delays in dealing with this site.

“The old Sale police station is an ideal piece of land on Lake Guthridge and close to the centre of town, but its disposal by the Government has been delayed now for a very long time.

“The Department of Premier and Cabinet indicated last week that discussions with traditional owners about the sale of Crown land in Gippsland were “ongoing”. However, it is clear they have been bogged down for some time.

“Whatever the reason for the delay the state government needs to get on with the job as the old Sale police station site has become an eyesore and a wasted community asset.

“If a deal isn’t reached soon to sell the old police station it should be knocked down or considered for alternative government or community use.

“Leaving it in its current state is not good for the Sale community.”

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