Minister visit raises hopes on Loch Sport erosion

The Nationals Member for Gippsland South Danny O’Brien says the visit of the Minister for Environment Steve Dimopoulos to Loch Sport this week is a positive step forward in addressing local erosion issues.

Mr O’Brien said he was pleased the Minister had accepted his invitation to visit Loch Sport to see the foreshore erosion issues on Lake Victoria first-hand.

“I’ve been working on this issue with the local community for many years now and we’ve been increasingly frustrated at the lack of action by the Government.

Minister for Environment Steve Dimopoulos (second from left) along with members of the Loch Sport community and The Nationals Member for Gippsland South Danny O’Brien at the Seagull Drive Boat Ramp.

“Erosion of the lake foreshore has been threatening the Seagull Drive boat ramp and car park, the foreshore walking track and ultimately will threaten private property if something is not done.

“The community and I were very pleased to hear of plans being developed by Department of Environment, Energy and Climate Action to try and address the erosion issues.

“The question is now about ensuring those proposals are funded and approved, and having Minister Dimopoulos himself visit is a very good step.

“I think the Minister saw for himself how existing groynes have addressed erosion along the foreshore and this needs to be extended further along the coast.”

Mr O’Brien also showed the Minister the eastern end of town and the interface with the Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park to highlight the fire safety concerns of the community.

“It’s very clear that the coastal banksia scrub is very thick and very close to the eastern end of town which has been a concern of many for a long time.

“We need more action to reduce the fuel load there, given a fire with an easterly wind could seriously threaten homes at that end of the town.

“I thank the Minister for his visit and look forward to concrete decisions to progress these important issues for Loch Sport,” Mr O’Brien said.


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