Members Statement – Crown Land Management

Mr D O’BRIEN (Gippsland South) (09:41): I joined protestors from across Victoria on the steps of Parliament yesterday rallying against flawed Labor government regulations that would see camping allowed on land licensed to farmers for grazing. These regulations show no regard for the rights of landholders. I am getting more and more contact from Gippsland farmers with riverside licences who are aghast at what is proposed in the draft regulations, including allowing people to camp for up to 28 days as close as 100 metres from homes. They also allow campers to collect half a cubic metre of firewood per day despite farmers not being able to collect firewood themselves on the land they license for grazing. Local farmers have raised concerns with me about rubbish and human waste being left behind, the risk of fire from abandoned campfires, interference with stock, including from dogs, and the safety of campers around farm animals. Despite assurances we have received from the government about enforcement, we all know that police and authorised officers simply will not be likely to respond to an incident in the wee hours at a remote location.

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