Members Statement – COVID-19

Mr D O’BRIEN: A big shout-out to all the health professionals who supported Gippslanders, especially those in Wellington and Bass Coast shires, after recent COVID scares in the region. At short notice our local health officials mobilised additional testing stations, and the Gippsland region public health unit was active in getting clear messages out to the public about the level of risk. Thankfully in Wellington shire that was low despite three positive cases. Thank you too to those who unfortunately caught COVID who did the right thing—isolating when they realised they had been exposed at Melbourne events, ensuring no local exposure sites. I would also like to thank all the GPs, nurses and other professionals helping with the vaccination rollout across Gippsland. We are up to 20 per cent of Gippslanders vaccinated with both doses, and I am proud to be one of them. We are all sick of lockdowns and disruptions, but we now have a path out. My strong message to all Gippslanders is: go out and get vaccinated as soon as you are able.

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