Domestic violence rates in Gippsland are our shame

Domestic violence is out of control across Gippsland with recently released data showing all six local government areas within Gippsland have a family violence incident rate well above the state average.

According to the data released by the Crime Statistics Agency, East Gippsland and Latrobe are the two local governments with the highest rates of family violence incidents per capita in Victoria with Wellington Shire also making the top ten, coming in at seven.

The Nationals’ Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien said it was clear that more must be done to prevent family violence in Gippsland.

“There is no denying that Gippsland has a significant problem with domestic violence and we cannot allow this to continue unchecked,” Mr O’Brien said.

“I am a proud Gippslander but these statistics are a shameful reflection on our region and we need to be open about this challenge.

“While every single person in our community has a role to play in this, it also requires support and action from the Allan Labor Government.”

When compared with the Victorian state average, rates of family violence across the Gippsland local government areas are:

  • Bass Coast – 38.65 per cent higher;
  • East Gippsland – 184.17 per cent higher;
  • Baw Baw – 41.72 per cent higher;
  • Latrobe – 162.6 per cent higher;
  • South Gippsland – 26.38 per cent higher; and
  • Wellington – 107.02 per cent higher.

Mr O’Brien said the Allan Labor Government must place a focus on prevention of family violence rather than chasing its tail and focusing only on support after-the-fact.

“Our support services are overwhelmed and underfunded and while they continue to burn through their limited budgets, the data clearly demonstrates that the problem is only getting worse under Labor.

“This is a community and social problem though and things will only improve if Gippslanders demand better from ourselves, our friends and neighbours.”

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