Crime continues to climb across Gippsland South

Crime within Gippsland South remains out of control with the latest figures from independent Crime Statistics Agency confirming crime is on the rise right across the state.

The Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien said he was disappointed but not surprised by the data.

“All three local government areas that make up Gippsland South have experienced significant increases in crime over the past few years and it is a trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing,” Mr O’Brien

“Recently released crime data showed recorded offenses in the South Gippsland, Wellington and Latrobe local government areas have risen 9.8, 9.5 and 3.6 percent respectively.

“This is despite continued pleas from the community for the Allan Labor Government to take action.”

Statistics reveal that Yarram has seen the largest rise in offences recorded within the Wellington area with an increase of more than 31 percent over the last 12 months while Korumburra has seen the largest rise in offences recorded within the South Gippsland area with an increase of more than 42 percent.

Mr O’Brien said while crime continues to rise under Labor, police numbers are down with nearly 1,000 vacancies across the state and 43 police stations remaining closed due to ongoing staffing shortages.

“In spite of these alarming figures, the recent Allan Labor State Budget confirmed an almost $20 million cut to crime prevention, community-based offender supervision and youth diversion programs.

“I am out in these communities regularly and I know they are just as sick as I am of begging the Allan Labor Government to take action to prevent crime.

“Just last week I tabled a petition backed by thousands calling for an increased police presence in our regional communities.

“This is not an area that the Government can afford to continue to ignore. We deserve to feel safe in our own communities.”

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