A sea of red ink and little for Gippsland

Victorians will be condemned to spend $25 million per day on interest on the state’s debt but Gippsland will again see very little for it.

That’s the view of The Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien on the State Budget delivered by Labor yesterday.

Mr O’Brien said spiralling debt forecast to hit $188 billion in four years would mean more money spent on interest and less for hospitals, schools, police and our roads.

There’s also little spending for Gippsland South.

“There’s no money for the planned new Sale College, to finish Foster Primary School and to build new fire stations for Mirboo North and Foster,” Mr O’Brien said.

“No plan for fixing Leongatha’s Kamikaze Corner, rebuild the Mirboo North gymnasium and despite years of disruptions, still no new rail services to Sale.

“Most concerning for our appalling roads, the roads maintenance budget is still 16 per cent less than it was four years ago.

“I am pleased that after my lobbying of the Minister for Community Sport, $500,000 has been allocated to help Fish Creek Football Netball Club rebuild its community club rooms.  It’s a good start but will not be enough.

“There’s a vague commitment to new bus services on the Leongatha and Yarram line but no detail, and an unknown commitment of funds to the Sale heavy vehicle alternate route.”

Mr O’Brien said Victorians would be hit again with increases to the Fires Services Property Levy and waste charges when they put the bins out or visit the local tip.

“This budget again proves that Labor can’t manage money and it’s Victorians who are paying the price.”

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