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Labor Government drags feet on timber and Gippsland jobs

The Andrews Labor Government is continuing to drag its feet on providing essential timber resources to maintain and boost Gippsland jobs. Questioning by The Nationals...

The Nationals Melina Bath Timber Industry Timber Danny O'Brien Plantations timber plantations Gippsland Timber Industry

Labor’s bureaucratic go-slow threatens timber jobs

The Andrews Labor Government is putting Gippsland timber industry jobs at serious risk with its snail’s pace attempts at establishing new timber plantations. The announcement...

The Nationals Gippsland Timber Plantations Latrobe Valley timber harvesting harvesting Plantation sham sham

Labor’s plantation sham drags on for another year

Three years down the track and the Andrews Labor Government’s sham announcement to expand timber plantations in the Latrobe Valley and Gippsland still has not...

Gippsland South The Nationals Timber Labor Plantations

Labor’s sham timber plan a dud deal for Gippsland

The Andrews Labor Government has again let Gippsland timber workers down by refusing to guarantee support for the timber industry and unveiling a sham “plan”...

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