Regional lockdowns

Constituency Question

Mr D O’BRIEN (Gippsland South) (14:40): (5893) My question is to the Acting Premier. My question is on behalf of I think the vast majority of my constituents of Gippsland South, and I ask: why is regional Victoria still subject to restrictions? We have no cases now; we have had no cases. The only exposure sites in regional Victoria are from over two weeks ago, and there were no cases arising from those. There have been no cases and no exposure sites in Gippsland. For us, nothing has changed from COVID normal two and a half weeks ago. However, businesses are frustrated; they are hurting. Even under the eased restrictions from tomorrow night, many will still be limited in their trading. Others are dealing with the fallout of last week’s lockdown, including forgoing future bookings for accommodation. New South Wales, Queensland, WA—coalition and Labor states—have all had city lockdowns this year, but they did not impact regional areas. Put simply, Gippsland and regional Victoria should not be under any restrictions any— (Time expired)

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