Princes Hwy Bridge the centre piece of duplication

The final piece of the 43km duplication of the Princes Highway between Traralgon and Sale is coming together with significant work progressing on the Kilmany rail bridge.

Local Nationals MPs Danny O’Brien and Darren Chester took the opportunity to visit the works site and get a briefing from Major Road Projects Victoria this week.

Construction of the new bridge is almost complete and it is expected that during a rail shutdown in June it will be slid into place ahead of excavation works that will see the highway go under this new bridge.

“The Princes Highway duplication project has been a long time coming, having started in 2010, but it is so pleasing to see it now in its final stages,” said Mr O’Brien, The Nationals State Member for Gippsland South.

“Darren and I have campaigned for a long time and he was able to deliver the Federal Government’s 80 per cent share of the funding required and after a three year delay we belatedly got the remaining funding from the Andrews Labor Government.

“The final stages of the highway duplication at Flynn and Kilmany East are now complete and the railway bridge and roadworks are the final piece of the puzzle.  They should be completed by the middle of 2024.

Brendan Pauwels from Major Roads Project Victoria with Danny O’Brien, The Nationals State Member for Gippsland South and Darren Chester, The Nationals Federal Member for Gippsland at the new Kilmany rail bridge site.

The network arch bridge is the first of its kind in Victoria and at 95m long and an estimated 3,000 tones, it is a significant undertaking.

Mr Chester, The Nationals Federal Member for Gippsland said the duplication was a key priority for him in the region and it is a delight to see it coming to fruition.

“Danny and I worked hard to secure the funding to complete this project and it will be a great benefit for Sale and East Gippsland.

“Up to 15,000 motorists including a lot of freight and tourists use this stretch of road and it will help improve journey times between Traralgon and Sale as well as deliver safety improvements.

“All of this work makes our region a more attractive place to live, work and raise a family, as well as encouraging more tourism and visitation to our region.

“I look forward to the project being completed by the middle of next year.”

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