New dental voucher scheme to benefit Gippslanders

Residents of Gippsland South who rely on the public health system are waiting an average of more than 18 months for general dental care under the Andrews Labor Government according to a recent report from the Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch (ADAVB). 

The Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien said with 64,000 Victorians currently waiting on critical dental care, it was clear that more needed to be done to improve the situation. 

The Nationals in government will implement a new dental voucher scheme to cut wait times and improve health outcomes. 

“Our solution is to provide up to 32,000 Victorians in need of priority dental treatment a $500 voucher to allow them to access care privately.  

“This will halve the number of Victorians on the waitlist for critical dental care within two years and reduce the risk of flow on health issues for those patients.” 

Mr O’Brien said the evidence was clear that poor oral health has significant flow on impacts to other areas of life. 

“I am regularly hearing from Gippslanders whose lives are severely impacted by their inability to access timely dental care,” Mr O’Brien said. 

“I am being told of vulnerable locals who are not only struggling with constant pain, but also the financial, social, and mental health implications that poor oral health can result in due to missing work or school, finding it difficult to eat or drink and even negative impacts on self-esteem.  

“It is clear that this is an important issue that needs a real solution, which is what The Nationals in government will deliver.”

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