Loch Sport Erosion

Constituency Questions

Danny O’BRIEN (Gippsland South) (14:49): (9) My question is to the Minister for Environment, and I ask: when will the minister act on the erosion that is continuing to wash away the Lake Victoria foreshore in Loch Sport? I first raised this matter in, I think, 2017, and we have had nothing from the government but reports, consultants and inquiries – no actual action. In August of 2021 BMT Commercial Australia produced a report that was finally released last year to the community which highlighted a number of options to address the erosion. The installation of groynes in the water to reduce the erosion was overwhelmingly backed by the community and has clearly worked in other parts of the foreshore where they have already been installed. We have got tracks being washed away, public land being washed away and private land, ultimately. We need action. I ask the minister to let us know when there will be action taken to address this erosion issue.

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