Labor’s duck decision an insult to law-abiding hunters

The decision of the Labor Government to reduce the duck hunting season to just over a month and maintain a bag limit of four birds per day is an insult to hunters and is clearly more about politics than science.

The Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien said he was alarmed at the Government’s language in making the announcement which seems to indicate future plans to ban the practice altogether.

“The decision outlined on the Game Management Authority’s website refers to a ‘more precautionary approach’ and ‘poor behaviour by some hunters…’ among other matters.

“This is an insult to the vast majority of law-abiding hunters who do the right thing and sustainably harvest ducks every year. The government’s own figures show 99.9 per cent compliance on bag limits last season.

“There is no new evidence to justify a decision like this on the basis of hunter behaviour and the environmental conditions for duck breeding and habitat are among the best we’ve seen for decades.

“This decision is akin to banning cars because a few people speed or drink and drive.

“The fact is the vast majority of hunters do the right thing and this is a sustainable activity that brings significant economic activity to regional areas including Gippsland.

“This is clearly a political decision, not one based on science and the proposed committee to review future arrangements looks to be a set-up.

“This is further evidence that Labor is beholden to a city-green mentality and cares not for the sustainable, legitimate activities enjoyed by many Victorians.

“I stand beside law-abiding hunters and Labor stands condemned for this decision.”

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