Gippslanders deserve answers on roadworks bungle

The Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien has taken to State Parliament demanding answers from the Minister for Roads over roadworks bungles last year that have angered Gippsland motorists.

Mr O’Brien said a number of projects last year including shoulder widening of key roads in the region resulted in poor quality outcomes and potholes and road surface damage within weeks or months of the works being completed.

Speaking in Parliament, Mr O’Brien called on the Minister for Roads to explain the bungle and outline whether taxpayers would again be forced to pay for the repairs.

“When this funding was announced jointly by the Federal and State Governments last year I certainly strongly welcomed it as much needed improvements to many of our local arterial roads such as Bengworden Road, Longford-Loch Sport Road, Rosedale-Longford Road and Traralgon-Maffra Road.

“However not long after the works were completed it was clear they were sub-standard with the join to the shoulder and the main road breaking up quickly and leaving potholes and dangerous road surfaces.

“I wrote to the Minister some months ago about this issue but he declined to respond instead asking Regional Roads Victoria (RRV) to contact me directly.

The Nationals Member for Gippsland, Danny O’Brien is demanding answers on bungled roadworks across Gippsland.

“While RRV has acknowledged the works were not up to scratch, there are still many answers we deserve.”

Mr O’Brien said with patching and repair works underway over recent weeks it was clear Gippslanders and taxpayers deserve an explanation.

“I’ve asked the Minister to investigate and explain what went wrong, who was at fault and who is paying for the rectification works.

“While there is no doubt wet weather played a part, anecdotally I have heard suggestions that contractors were unhappy with what they were required to do by RRV and it’s time the Minister gave an explanation.

“Gippslanders are already having to deal with very ordinary roads – to now be double charged to have these works rectified is adding salt to the wound.”

The Minister has 30 days to respond to Mr O’Brien’s request.

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