Calls for ticket agents to return

The Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien is calling for V/Line ticket sales agents to be re-established in South Gippsland.

The newsagency in Korumburra that previously served as a ticket agent has been closed since a fire last year and Kat’s Corner which was the ticket agency in Leongatha is also no longer available.

Mr O’Brien said the lack of a ticket agent in either town was an unnecessary headache for many locals.

“I understand that it is possible to buy tickets online but not everyone is able to do everything online or has the banking facilities to allow online purchases.

“I am told that the bus driver now sells tickets, but this not only slows down the bus service as they have to stop and complete these transactions but presents a new set of problems in that they are unable to accept senior travel vouchers.

“This leaves residents in both towns nowhere to purchase tickets or redeem their travel vouchers.”

Mr O’Brien said he had written to the Minister for Public Transport asking what can be done to establish a new ticket agency in both towns as a matter of priority.

“I am advised that two businesses in Korumburra have reached out to V/Line with offers to assist with ticket sales, however they have not received a response,” Mr O’Brien said.

“I have now written to the Minister to ask what is being done to locate suitable ticket agencies in both towns so that locals are able to have the option of face-to-face assistance with their ticket purchases.”

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