Andrews owes apology to law-abiding hunters

Premier Daniel Andrews should apologise to duck hunters after claiming that rules were not followed on bag limits during last year’s duck season.

The Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien said the Premier made the comments this week while stoking the prospect of a ban on duck season and he couldn’t be more wrong.

Mr O’Brien said the government’s own Game Management Authority had released a 2022 compliance report which showed that just one hunter was found to have exceeded the daily bag limit out of 979 who had been checked.

“Duck hunting is a legitimate sustainable past time that is an important part of cultural activity in Victoria,” Mr O’Brien said.

“There is no evidence that duck numbers are in trouble despite the claims of a loud activist minority.  After three wet years, there are good numbers Australia-wide and significant breeding activity.

“Duck season is enjoyed by many regional Victorians and brings significant economic benefits to our region as hunters come from across the state to enjoy their past time.

“The fact that the Premier is choosing to mislead Victorians is deeply concerning. He is completely wrong about rules not being followed on bag limits and he should apologise to the law-abiding people who go duck hunting.”

Mr O’Brien said the annual debate over duck season was getting tedious.

“I fully appreciate that there are people who don’t want to see animals consumed or harmed in any way and choose not to eat meat or fish.

“The reality is that for some people, harvesting wild game is simply another means to putting food on the table.

“It is concerning to me that duck hunting is constantly targeted when other hunting and fishing activities don’t rate a mention by activists – yet.

“I support a strongly regulated, ethical and sustainable duck season and the Premier should do so too.”

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