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Wasted money means Gippsland misses out

Melbourne Labor has wasted $1.1 billion not to build a road that could’ve built 92 Yarram Primary Schools, 367 ambulance stations, 92 country trains, 90 specialist schools, upgraded the Macalister Irrigation District 16 times over and fixed just about every crumbling road across the electorate, The Nationals Member for Gippsland South Danny O’Brien said today.

Mr O’Brien said the $1.1 billion Daniel Andrews had paid out not to build the East West Link meant that Gippslanders had again been dudded by Melbourne Labor.

“This is a city centric government that can’t manage money and doesn’t care about Gippslanders,” Mr O’Brien said.

“The money Daniel Andrews has wasted could have funded all of the worthwhile projects across the electorate including the Korumburra Secondary College and Yarram Primary School rebuilds, more trains for the Gippsland line, new CFA stations and fixed our crumbling roads or completed projects like the Black Spur realignment on the South Gippsland Highway or the duplication of the Princes Highway to Sale.

“Instead, our students are missing out on modern education facilities, volunteer fire fighters are working in cramped, unsafe stations and commuters on the Gippsland line are being forced to stand for large parts of the journey, sometimes the whole way between Sale and Melbourne.”

Mr O’Brien said before the State Election Daniel Andrews had said the East West Link contracts weren’t "worth the paper they were written on" and promised Victorians that they would not be forced to pay a cent of compensation.

“Now the Auditor-General has revealed Mr Andrews has written a whopping $1.1 billion compensation cheque,” Mr O’Brien said.

“Daniel Andrews went into the State Election saying it was a referendum on the East West Link and that no compensation would be paid, he should now feel ashamed that he has forced Victorians to foot the bill for his government’s bogus stunt.”

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