Support Our CFA Volunteers

Don’t allow control of the CFA to be handed to the UFU

A United Firefighters Union (UFU) takeover would infringe the rights of volunteers and ultimately put in jeopardy CFA volunteerism and the safety of Victorians. 

Daniel Andrews’s decision to work directly with the UFU and ignore his own Minister, the CEO of the CFA and Chief Fire Officer of the CFA is a threat to volunteers in Victoria.

I support our career and volunteer firefighters who have protected us for generations. An EBA that takes away the rights of the volunteers in this state should not be forced on CFA management.

I urge members of the community to sign the petition below, or download a PFD copy here and circulate it among your networks.

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The petition of certain citizens of the State of Victoria draws to the attention of the Legislative Assembly that Premier Daniel Andrews must not hand control of the Country Fire Authority (CFA) to the United Fire-Fighters Union.

Volunteer firefighters have protected Victorians for more than 100 years, and as a community we support the volunteers and send this message to Daniel Andrews and the Victorian Labor Party: Keep your hands off the CFA.

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