Statement on the Federation Training Fulham Campus

Today’s front page of the Gippsland Times is an outrage.  The Sale community has been fighting for a new TAFE campus for over a decade and to have the Labor Government now suggest our local campus might be closed altogether is a disgrace.

We need a new campus to replace the outdated Fulham site and bring it into the Sale CBD so that our children, retraining workers and local businesses have access to a modern, well-resourced skills training facility.

The mixed messages the community is getting are frustrating.  Six weeks ago we were told an announcement was “imminent”.  Now the Minister herself visits and casts doubt on the future of the campus altogether.

The story also reports plans by Federation Training to conduct forums to get a “better picture of training and course demand”.

How much more of this can we take?  We know courses have been moved and student numbers are falling.  Labor needs to stop dithering and get on with providing a decent TAFE service for Sale and Wellington Shire.

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