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Small Businesses impacted by Labor's Holiday Decision

Small businesses across Gippsland are again being forced to endure the damaging impact of the decision by the Andrews Labor Government to declare two new public holidays, including the forthcoming grand final eve holiday.

We all love our days off and Victorian’s work hard to earn theirs; however, few people that I’ve spoken to believe that the same small businesses we rely on to provide the majority of jobs for our families and young people, should have to pay such a heavy price for holidays we didn’t ask for.

At a time when jobs are becoming even more difficult to find and when many local businesses are already doing it tough, Daniel Andrews chose to impose two major new costs that will see many businesses close their doors for the day, employees lose much needed shifts and significant damage inflicted on our state's economy.  

Victoria now has 13 public holidays, the highest of any state or territory.

Last year the Andrews Government's own assessment of its Grand Final Parade Public Holiday, carried out by Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC), found it would cost Victoria as much as $898 million per year.

The PWC assessment confirmed that employment costs for the day were up by $286 Million and that overall the costs of the holiday outweighed any benefit to the state. My own surveys of local businesses reported costs of between a few hundred dollars and several thousand for this one day off.

The assessment also confirmed that the additional holidays negatively impacted local councils and hospitals, with services being cut and ratepayers and taxpayers being left to foot the bill.

In spite of all this, the Labor Government is proceeding again, despite the fact that unemployment is already going up dramatically in both Wellington and South Gippsland Shires.

Labor needs to rethink this holiday that nobody asked for.

Danny O'Brien
Member for Gippsland South

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