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Showground drainage issues under the spotlight

A meeting with officials from VicRoads, VicTrack, South Gippsland Shire and the Korumburra Agricultural Society has mapped out a way forward to address drainage issues affecting the Korumburra Showgrounds.

The meeting was organised by The Nationals Member for Gippsland South Danny O’Brien who is working with the show society to address this longstanding issue.

“The show society has been complaining for a long time about drainage issues affecting the showgrounds, particularly in winter and spring, and has been unable to work out who is responsible or how it can be addressed,” Mr O’Brien said.

“With water running down the hill from the railway line and the South Gippsland Highway, I though it important to get all the stakeholders involved to see if the issue could be progressed.

“The source of the water that’s causing problems on the showground is still unclear, but both VicRoads and VicTrack have promised to do some drain cleaning work to eliminate their assets as the source of the problem, while the South Gippsland Shire is also happy to assist with some technical advice.”

Mr O’Brien said the wet ground added extra cost for the show society and some of its tenants such as the Strzelecki Lions Club and the annual South Gippsland Dairy Expo.

“The wet ground means that exhibitors have to put down temporary floors and that reduces money being returned to the community by these charity organisations,” Mr O’Brien said.

“We don’t have a solution but we are on the right path and I’m pleased to have been able to at least get the main parties together to plan a way forward."


The Nationals Member for Gippsland South Danny O’Brien met with Doug Appleton, President Korumburra Show Society; Graham Walker, member Korumburra Show Society; and Cliff Wallace, of Strzelecki Lions Club to discuss drainage issues at the showgrounds.

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