Premier should visit Sale and explain highway snub

The Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien has called on Premier Daniel Andrews and his Ministers to visit Sale to explain why they’ve failed to fund the final two stages of the Princes Highway Duplication Project.

Mr O’Brien said the failure to fund the necessary final two stages of the Traralgon to Sale duplication was baffling for local residents and would lead to ongoing delays and longer periods of road works for residents of Sale and motorists travelling further east.

Mr O’Brien said it was extraordinary that Daniel Andrews Roads Minister, Luke Donnellan and Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allan, had today launched an attack on the Commonwealth for delaying important projects.

“This coming from the Government that has turned its back on nearly 10 years of bipartisanship for this important project at both state and federal level.

“How can Luke Donnellan stand there with a straight face and attack the Commonwealth when he is refusing to fund the vital final two stages of the Princes Highway duplication.

“Sale residents have put up with road works for nine years now and because of this failure to plan and fund the remaining works we will be subject to further delays now for additional years.

“For the Labor Party to attack the Commonwealth on delays with respect to major infrastructure funding is hypocritical in the extreme.”

Mr O’Brien said, likewise it was extraordinary that Jacinta Allan was complaining about alleged delays in train funding.

“The facts are Jacinta Allen announced a budget commitment in April last year that said the Gippsland Rail Revival Project was “funded and ready to go” and yet here we are 12 months down the track and nothing has happened.

“Labor can’t spin a story to its own advantage and then cry wolf when things don’t go its way.

“If the project was funded and ready to go, the State Government should have put the money up itself and not go crying to the Federal Coalition for a blank cheque.

“Gippslanders are sick of being treated as political pawns, we just want to see our highway duplication completed and our rail line upgraded.

“I know my Federal Colleague Darren Chester is fighting hard for the Princes Highway funds but unless the Andrews Labor Government comes to the party, we will all be forced to wait.”

Caption: The Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien with The Nationals Member for Gippsland, Darren Chester.

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