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Onshore gas moratorium statement

The Nationals have always prioritised our land and water resources in this issue and today's announcement is a continuation of the former Coalition Government’s cautious approach in establishing the moratorium.

We have always stood side-by-side with our farmers, while the previous Labor Government issued 23 fracking permits and 73 exploration permits. In Government, the Coalition introduced the moratorium on fracking and legislated to ban the use of BTEX chemicals.

I have seen the stress and anxiety some people have experienced on this issue and today's announcement will come as a great relief to many in Gippsland.

I hope the announcement today will allow farmers and landholders to move on with their lives.

The Government's position on conventional gas exploration and development is the same as The Nationals’ position announced in October last year.

I look forward to seeing the details of the Government’s proposed legislation when it is released.

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