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O’Brien to take up concerns over Poowong intersection

The Nationals candidate for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien, will take up concerns about a major Poowong intersection with roads authorities in a bid to clean-up a potential accident location.

Mr O’Brien met this week with Poowong Progress Association members and local business people to take a close look at the intersection in the middle of town which connects the Main Street, Drouin-Korumburra Road and Loch-Poowong Road.

“The intersection has been a concern for some time and is only likely to get worse with increased movements of trucks to and from the GBP Exports abattoir and UDP milk plant,” Mr O’Brien said.

“The problem is the intersection looks like a roundabout but isn’t, with poor visibility of oncoming traffic at several points and give-way signs placed at points that mean long trucks, particularly b-doubles, can block the intersection entirely while giving way.

“The tight turns also mean trucks and long vehicles often have to cross to the wrong side of the road to make it around and adjacent garden beds have been driven over by trucks struggling to make the corner.”

Mr O’Brien said the location of Poowong’s cenotaph was also problematic as it blocked traffic views and reduced the space available to re-arrange the intersection.

“The community has identified another potential site for the cenotaph and would be keen to work with the RSL and VicRoads to relocate it should changes to the intersection proceed.

“I’ll be happy to take up this matter with VicRoads and the Labor Government to see if a better, long-term solution to the intersection can be implemented.”

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