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O’Brien raises questions on Leongatha South landfill in Parliament

The Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien, has raised the concerns of South Gippsland locals about a proposed landfill at Leongatha South in State Parliament.

Mr O’Brien said he was concerned that Melbourne was seeking to dump its rubbish in Gippsland and asked the Minister for Environment, Lisa Neville, whether the project was supported by the Government.

“This proposal has come completely out of the blue and created great angst in the community in South Gippsland.

“In Gippsland we understand the need for waste facilities and we accept the need to deal with our own waste.

“My concern is why Gippsland should become Melbourne’s dumping ground.”

Mr O’Brien has been studying the Statewide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan which sets out the strategy for future waste management.

“One of the goals of the plan is to ensure that impacts on the community, environment and public health of waste are not disproportionately felt.  Sending 200,000 tonnes of Melbourne’s rubbish per annum to Gippsland doesn’t seem to me to be a proportional response.

“I appreciate an exhausted quarry might appear to be a good place for a tip.  But there are a whole host of concerns held by the local community and the Labor Government needs to play a role in addressing these concerns.”

The Minister told Mr O’Brien that the development had also been news to her and that any impression that the location of the tip had been settled was “absolutely not the case”.

She also said the proposal was not part of any regional implementation plan and she shared Mr O’Brien’s concerns about the level of anxiety the proposal had raised in the community.

Mr O’Brien said it was important for the community to understand that this idea had not been submitted to South Gippsland Shire nor to the State Government in any formal sense and there was no certainty it would proceed.

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