O’Brien honours former MP’s service

The Nationals Member for Gippsland South Danny O’Brien unveiled a plaque in honour of former Country Party MP the Hon William MacAulay MLC at a ceremony in Staceys Bridge this week.

The event was part of centenary celebrations for The Nationals/Country Party, with party members across the state planning 100 events in 100 towns to celebrate 100 years.

Mr O’Brien said Mr MacAulay was an MP for the Country Party, which later transitioned to The Nationals, between 1937 and 1957.

“Mr MacAulay lived on a farm with his family in Staceys Bridge and represented the people of Gippsland Province with distinction,” Mr O’Brien said.

“The Country Party and now The Nationals are a party that truly represented the regions and the people that live in them and Mr MacAulay epitomized that. In this year celebrating 100 years of country representation, we are aiming to honour those who have served the party well as officials, volunteers and Members of Parliament.”

In a ceremony held at the Staceys Bridge Hall, two of Mr MacAulay’s sons – David and Ian – were joined by around 20 members of his extended family and those from the local community.

William MacAulay’s son, David, recalls his father travelling on the train to attend sittings of Parliament.

“Since that time, many things have changed. The roads are now better and cars have improved. I remember my father often travelling at night around the electorate and he had to have a rug over his knees to keep warm. It’s much easier to get to Parliament House these days,” Mr MacAulay said.

David recalls travelling to Parliament House as a child and said he marveled at the architecture of the grand Spring Street building.

Mr O’Brien said further events celebrating The Nationals’ Centenary would be held around Gippsland throughout the remainder of the year.

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