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Minister asked to explain speed limit changes

The Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien, has written to the Minister for Roads asking him to review changes to speed limits of South Gippsland arterial roads.

Mr O’Brien said he had been contacted by many people concerned at the pre-Christmas, unannounced change in speed limits from 100km per hour to 80km per hour on a number of South Gippsland roads

“The suspicion is that this change has been made simply to cover-up the lack of maintenance on these roads by the Andrews Labor Government. 

“While I appreciate the need for drivers to lower their speed to reduce accidents, some of these roads have long, straight stretches where it is perfectly safe to drive at 100km per hour.  If there is a problem, more yellow speed advisory signs would be a more reasonable solution.

“On behalf of the many people who have been in contact with me, I have written to the Minister seeking an explanation and asking him to review the decision.

“What I am most concerned about is the absolute lack of consultation from the Labor Government on this issue.  All we got was signs put up advising of the change a few days before it occurred and there was no notification from VicRoads to local residents, the Shire or local businesses.”

Mr O’Brien said he was conscious of the need to reduce speed to save lives on country roads, but Gippsland people were angry that so much attention is paid to safety, but so little money spent on fixing the road surfaces themselves.

“The Labor Government cut 10 per cent from the roads maintenance budget on coming to government and hasn’t replaced it, and axed completely the Country Roads and Bridges Program which delivered for local roads in country areas.

“Labor talked a big game in opposition, but has dismally failed in government to fix our roads and we are now seeing speed limits reduced to cover up for their lack of spending.”


The Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien, has called on the Labor Government to review its decision to lower speed limits on South Gippsland roads.

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