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Message should be clear: stay home, at your own home

The Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien has asked the state government to be clearer in its messaging about people travelling during the coronavirus crisis.


Mr O’Brien contacted the Premier’s office last Friday relaying concerns from the Gippsland community about hundreds of people relocating to holiday homes in our coastal villages in places such as Venus Bay, Sandy Point, Walkerville and Loch Sport.


“The local permanent communities of these and many other towns around Gippsland are very alarmed at the influx of visitors and holiday home owners who have relocated to their holiday houses. This should be stopped as quickly as possible.


“Our local supermarkets and supplies are already under strain and the community is rightly concerned that these additional visitors will place pressure on local health services in the event of coronavirus cases escalating locally.


“I have asked the Premier to be stronger in the messaging after he last week appeared to give the all clear to people relocating to holiday homes.


“I’m pleased to have heard the Federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt, on the radio this morning strongly telling Australians they should not be relocating to holiday homes.”


Mr O’Brien said the introduction of stage three restrictions starting tonight (Monday, 30 March) should make it clear that people should stay home other than for the following four reasons:


  • for food and supplies
  • for exercise
  • for medical care
  • for work and/or education – only if unable to be done from home.

“These are extraordinary times given just a few months ago we were desperate for visitors to come to our towns, but the world has changed and we now need to lock down and stay in our homes – our permanent homes.”


Mr O’Brien said he had also contacted the state government about the closure of beaches and boat ramps after many people ignored warnings to cancel non-essential travel over the weekend and went fishing or to local beaches.


“The stage three restrictions should make it clear – stay home unless you absolutely have to go out.


“You certainly don’t have to go out to go fishing or sunbathing at the beach.


“Stay home and save lives.”

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