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Melbourne Labor sells out country volunteers

The Nationals Member for Gippsland South Danny O’Brien said he was outraged at the decision of the Melbourne Labor Government to roll over to the UFU and hand over control of our greatest volunteer organisation, the Country Fire Authority.

“Often in politics I have been frustrated but never have I been so sad and angry at the same time,” Mr O’Brien said.

“This deal is a massive pay back to the UFU who helped get Daniel Andrews elected.

“No amount of weasel words or letters of comfort can avoid the fact that this agreement effectively gives the UFU control over all decisions the CFA will make to the detriment of our volunteers.

“The so-called "consultative committee" clause gives the UFU exactly what it wants in return for helping get Daniel Andrews elected.

“Having read the full text of the agreement, I am staggered that any government would ever agree to such an outdated and over-the-top union log of claims.

“To those who say opposition is based on lies, I ask why is it that the CFA board, the CFA chief executive, the former Minister Jane Garrett, the VFBV and the government’s own Legal Counsel think that this deal is a dud?

“I am so angry for our wonderful CFA volunteers and I fear this will be a disaster for a great organisation that has protected Victorians for many decades. The Nationals stand side by side with our volunteers.

“I think Daniel Andrews will rue the day he made this decision and I urge all people who are concerned about this payback deal for the UFU to strongly voice their concerns to the Premier and all Labor MPs.”

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