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Marinus Link raises concern in South Gippsland

The Nationals Member or Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien says he understands residents along a possible route for the proposed new Marinus Link project will be alarmed at approaches from the company.

Mr O’Brien said he was aware that in recent weeks Marinus Link has been contacting landholders in an area from Waratah Bay through to Hazelwood with a view to initiating discussions on landholder access agreements.

“Marinus Link is a proposed new electricity interconnector between Tasmania and Victoria which will connect to the national grid at Hazelwood,” Mr O’Brien said.

“I’ve been following the development of the Marinus Link project for 18 months or more now given it was always likely to travel through the electorate of Gippsland South to connect to the grid.

“After the rancour that was experienced with the Bass Link project nearly 20 years ago, I’m pleased that Marinus Link has committed to underground the cable for its entire length on the Victorian side, however I understand that many landholders are now hearing about this project for the first time and are concerned at what it will mean for their property, businesses and farming operations.

“I am encouraging people to engage directly with Marinus Link and take up the offer of assistance with legal fees if they are unsure about their legal position.”

Mr O’Brien said landholders have rights and they should be aware of them.

“I spoke recently with the Minister for Energy about the legal implications on the Victorian side, but I understand that at this stage Marinus Link has no compulsory acquisition rights with respect to an easement, however I have asked the Minister for some further information on how this project might proceed.

“It’s important though for everyone to understand Marinus Link is still in it’s early stages on development and a final decision on whether it even proceeds, let alone the exact route, is still a number of years away.

“As always I’m happy to speak to any landholders who have concerns that can be addressed through the Victorian government.


23 December 2020


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