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Locals urged to check the facts on CarbonNet

The Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien has urged locals along the Ninety Mile Beach to find out for themselves the facts behind the proposed CarbonNet project rather than be influenced by rumours and misinformation.

Mr O’Brien called on the Andrews Labor Government to do a better job of communicating about the project, but added that he was concerned that some groups, including some from outside the region, were deliberately spreading falsehoods about the project and creating unnecessary concern in Golden Beach in particular.

“I understand there is a level of concern in and around Golden Beach about the impact of seismic testing proposed to start this week and of the project overall but some of the misleading commentary I have seen in recent days is very unhelpful,” Mr O’Brien said.

“I urge all residents who are concerned to check the facts for themselves rather than blindly accept the comments from activists, many of whom are regulars in the fight against anything that involves fossil fuels. 

“I was particularly concerned to see a Facebook post attributing a seal on the beach at Golden Beach last weekend as somehow being a victim to seismic testing. The seismic testing hadn’t even started and lone seals on the 90 Mile Beach are not at all uncommon.”

Mr O’Brien said seismic testing has been undertaken in the Gippsland basin for decades with no long-term impacts on the environment or otherwise.

“There has also been concern raised about impacts on the beach and wider region when in fact this project is still at least three or four years away – if it proceeds at all,” Mr O’Brien said.

“Having said that the opportunity to capture carbon from Gippsland’s major energy industries and store it safely to address climate change should not be rejected.

“Carbon capture and storage is practiced around the world, including in Australia, with 21 commercial projects currently active around the globe.

“This project may well be part of a suite of measures to address climate change and ensure our continued energy security and there may be benefits for the region in terms of local jobs.

“Some of the claims that are circulating about the environment are simply wrong and I urge people to check the facts for themselves.”

Mr O’Brien said he had written to the Andrews Labor Government on behalf of Golden Beach residents seeking to have the seismic testing deferred until after the Easter holidays and fishing competition but the government had chosen to proceed nonetheless.

He urged locals to find out more of the proposed project from the source

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