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Labor vote to destroy the CFA

This week a destructive CFA bill has passed through the legislative council with the support of local Labor MPs Harriet Shing and Jane Garrett.

The Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien says that the bill is designed to tear apart the CFA in what he describes as the latest in a long line of decisions made purely to appease Daniel Andrews’ union mates.

Mr O’Brien said the bill will see the CFA stripped of its paid staff, which will be moved into the new Fire Rescue Victoria and seconded back to the CFA, with approval from a union-controlled board.

“This is devastating news for local volunteers with the union also being given a controlling stake in decisions on surge capacity, resourcing and budget allocations for the CFA,” Mr O’Brien said.

“Our local CFA volunteers have been outspoken in their opposition to Daniel Andrews’ destructive plan, but still our local Labor MPs, Harriet Shing and Jane Garrett, went against what our community wanted.

“By voting for this Bill they have sold out local volunteers and our community for a sweetheart pay back deal that destroys the CFA and delivers control of it to the union.

Mr O’Brien also highlighted that the Andrews Labor Government deliberately tied its divisive CFA Bill to a Bill granting presumptive rights to firefighters who develop cancer as a result of their work. But although career firefighters will get it as a right, volunteers will have to prove that they have fought enough fires to be eligible – a number that is yet to be defined.

Mr O’Brien said volunteers must be treated fairly.

“I support presumptive rights for volunteer and career firefighters,” Mr O’Brien said.

“In fact twice, The Nationals introduced a standalone presumptive rights bill to Parliament and twice the Andrews Labor Government voted against it.

“Daniel Andrews has trashed decades of tradition and volunteerism all to pay back his union mates under the guise of ‘modernisation’.

“Country communities will never forget what Daniel Andrews has done to the CFA and The Nationals will keep fighting to make sure our volunteers get a fair go and our communities are protected in times of emergency.”

The CFA Bill passed the Legislative Council with support of Labor MPs, the Greens, the Animal Justice Party, Fiona Patten and Catherine Cummings.


The Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien says the CFA bill passed in parliament this week will tear apart the CFA.

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