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Labor makes it official – Gippsland trains getting slower

The Labor Government has formalised what many Gippsland rail passengers know to be the case - that Gippsland trains are getting slower.

The Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien said the Andrews Labor Government was attempting to address the appalling punctuality performance of Gippsland trains by changing the timetable - not improving the service.

Mr O’Brien was commenting on analysis by the Shadow Minister for Regional Public Transport, Steph Ryan which shows 16 services on the Gippsland line will get slower under a new timetable and a further 10 on the Bairnsdale line that services Sale.

“We all know how appalling the performance of V/Line has been in Gippsland over the past few years and instead of doing something about it Labor has just changed the timetables to make it official.

“Gippsland has put up with a sub-standard train service and Labor has been tardy in doing anything about it.

“Even the Gippsland Regional Rail Revival project is only now just getting underway three years after it was first funded.”

Mr O’Brien said Labor was still failing to address the single biggest issue that makes Gippsland trains slow.

“I’ve been campaigning for years now for a dedicated rail line for Gippsland trains through south eastern Melbourne but Labor refuses to even consider a feasibility study.

“Gippsland councils want it, the Rail Futures Institute wants it and everyone who catches the train knows we need to be separated from metro trains but Labor is not interested.

“Now it’s formalising the slow performances of Gippsland trains by making timetable changes that will be introduced in December.”

Shadow Minister for Regional Public Transport Steph Ryan said Labor had an appalling track record on regional trains.

“The Minister has one job – to make the trains run on time, but her solution is to slow down the timetable rather than fix the trains,” Ms Ryan said.

“The Premier for Melbourne has hit the brakes on V/Line by failing to make the investment we deserve, while finding billions to put into his Melbourne level crossing cost blowouts.

“Labor is ignorant of the countless country Victorians who are inconvenienced on a daily basis by delays, breakdowns and cancellations.”

The Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien said Labor is still failing to address punctuality issues on the Gippsland line.

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