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Labor forgets Sale in rail project

The Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien, has called on the Melbourne Labor Government to revise its plans for the Gippsland rail upgrade after additional service improvements to Sale were left out.

Mr O’Brien said he was surprised and disappointed that media releases and budget papers providing (minimal) detail on the government’s Gippsland rail program have not included train stabling at Sale.

“With a relatively small investment to establish stabling at Sale, Vlocity train services to Melbourne that currently originate and terminate at Traralgon could continue on to Sale and be stabled overnight at minimal ongoing cost.  The additional morning and evening services that could then be delivered are high priorities for the Sale community, yet Labor has left us out altogether.

“Leaving aside the fact that Daniel Andrews so called plan is completely unfunded and relies on the Commonwealth to foot the bill, this plan does nothing for Sale and the Wellington Shire.

“I have been campaigning for additional train services for some time now and the government has so far talked big, but delivered nothing.

“There is already frustration that most announcements benefit travelers only as far as Traralgon, with Sale and East Gippsland missing out.”

Mr O’Brien said providing a train stabling facility at Sale, or possibly in an industrial area at Wurruk, would greatly benefit local residents and improve services and connectivity to Melbourne.

“It seems odd that the government has basically lifted most of its plan from the Gippsland Local Government Network Rail Needs paper released late last year, but has left out the train stabling option that that same paper outlined.

“I call on Daniel Andrews and Jacinta Allan to revise their plans to ensure that Sale and East Gippsland don’t miss out altogether.”


The Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien, reviewing the train timetable at Sale station.  He says more services could be delivered if train stabling was provided at Sale.

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