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Labor's back down good for jobs and animal welfare

The Melbourne Labor Government has been forced into a humiliating back down on its proposed puppy farm legislation after a parliamentary inquiry found it was deeply flawed and lacked any genuine consultation with those most affected.

The Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien said the government’s decision to withdraw the Domestic Animals Amendment (Puppy Farms and Pet Shops) Bill 2016 was a victory for common sense. 

“We all want to see cruel and unethical breeding practices stamped out and I believe the code of practice strengthened by the former Coalition Government will achieve that aim.

“Labor’s proposal to outlaw any breeding establishments with more than 10 fertile  female animals would have only driven the industry underground, led to worse animal welfare outcomes and increased the price of pets for Victorian families.

“As a representative of an area with the highest number of dog breeders in the state, I was also concerned at the impact on jobs.

“We have dog breeders in my electorate that employ dozens of people and in the main they are excellent, ethical breeders who put animal welfare first.”

Mr O’Brien said the parliamentary committee report handed down this week found there was no scientific or animal welfare evidence to support the 10 dog limit and recommended that the bill be withdrawn, which the government has now done.

“With appropriate enforcement of existing laws we can achieve the aim of outlawing cruel and unethical puppy farms. That shouldn’t come at the expense of those who do the right thing or of families who want to enjoy having a pet.

“One of the key findings of the committee report was the complete lack of consultation on this bill with industry and local government, which is primarily charged with enforcement of animal breeding rules.

“Labor now has the opportunity to try again to get it right for animals and all of the community and to ensure high standards for pet breeders.”


The Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien, with French Bulldog puppies at a registered Sale breeding establishment.

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