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Gippsland hunters need your support

The Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien is urging Gippslanders to get behind a petition pushing the Andrews Labor Government to stand against an inflammatory anti-hunting campaign that’s running ahead of the 2021 duck season.

Mr O’Brien said the need for the petition became evident after Agriculture Minister Jaclyn Symes’ recent failure to call out the misinformation campaign currently being run by anti-hunting groups, like Coalition Against Duck Shooting.

“With the Minister set to make a determination on the duck season early next year, there is concern the Andrews Labor Government is weighing the scales in favour of groups that would rather see an end to hunting,” Mr O’Brien said.

“Year after year Labor refuses to actually support Victoria’s tens of thousands of legitimate, law-abiding recreational hunters.

“Indeed, Jaclyn Symes has never declared a full 12-week season in her time as Agriculture Minister.

“Instead, she’s imposed heavy restrictions which only serve to support the radical green agenda of Labor’s Environment Minister and anti-hunting groups.

“Gippsland hunters and local businesses that benefit enormously from the increased trade throughout the duck hunting period are frustrated by the ongoing uncertainty.”

Mr O’Brien said it was crucial that anyone who held the position of Agriculture Minister was willing to call out inflammatory lies and misinformation.

“Duck hunting is a legitimate recreational activity that is legally and responsibly enjoyed by many Gippsland locals.

“Hunting generates $356 million for our state, supports thousands of jobs, many of them in Gippsland, and brings families out to regional Victoria for a weekend away. 

“The Nationals strongly support Victoria’s hunting community, but the Andrews Labor Government is putting politics before people.

“I encourage anyone who cares about this issue to sign this petition and have your say.”

The petition can be found and signed at


15 December 2020

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