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Fuel pricing inquiry given the green light

The Nationals have worked hard to establish a Parliamentary Inquiry into regional fuel prices that will look at the differential in fuel costs between city and country, The Nationals Member for Gippsland South Danny O’Brien said today.

Mr O’Brien said the inquiry would also look at why the price of fuel is different between different regional areas, such as Bairnsdale and Sale.

“It’s quite frustrating for many motorists to see places further from Melbourne having a cheaper fuel price and places with more competition not necessarily having a cheaper fuel price,” Mr O’Brien said.

“This inquiry will look at all those issues and I hope that it will get to the bottom of things that really frustrate motorists in Gippsland.”

Mr O’Brien said the inquiry would look into pricing of unleaded, diesel and LPG fuels and:

  • Examine the methodology behind pricing, particularly the divide between metropolitan and regional communities
  • Consider approaches and initiatives elsewhere in Australia, with a view to reducing fuel prices
  • Look at fuel price comparison technology
  • Investigate the impact of pricing on families, businesses and industry
  • Assess the influence of regulations and legislation on fuel pricing

“I congratulate my colleague Russell Northe who proposed this inquiry. It will really shine a light on regional fuel pricing and explain why we see these differentials and why we don’t get the same levels of discounting as the city, as I know that annoys a lot of motorists,” Mr O’Brien said.

Shadow Minister for Consumer Affairs Russell Northe said long-distance travel is unavoidable for many country people.

“Regional Victorian MPs understand that getting from A to B isn’t as simple as jumping on a tram or flagging a taxi when you live in the country,” Mr Northe said.

“I am pleased to see this Liberal-Nationals proposal receive widespread support and look forward to the results.”

Mr O’Brien said he was looking forward to the inquiry getting underway, saying there would be opportunities down the track for people to have their say.

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