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Foster School buildings - why not just replace it?

The Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien has questioned the Andrews Labor Government’s decision to spend money tackling asbestos at Foster Primary School when the whole school needs replacing.

Mr O’Brien said he was surprised the Government was allocating $1.7 million to bring in pre-fabricated school buildings to eliminate asbestos from Foster Primary.

“While of course we want to see asbestos removed, particularly from any areas that would be dangerous, this is a puzzling decision from the Government.

“It’s clear to anyone who visits or works at the school that it is in need of a full replacement.

“While asbestos is certainly an issue at Foster, like it is at many schools, it is not the only issue and simply replacing a couple of buildings doesn’t cut it.

“I’ve been campaigning for some time with the school community for a full rebuild that would cost in the vicinity of $4-5 million.

“To spend $1.7million on a couple of pre-fab buildings just doesn’t seem to make economic sense nor is it in the best interests of our local students.

“The Foster community has backed my campaign with over 1100 signatures on a petition that I tabled in Parliament calling on the Andrews Labor Government to re-build the school.

“While we are all happy to see asbestos buildings removed, the Andrews Labor Government shouldn’t be doing a half-baked project, it should be re-building the whole school.


Thursday, 10 May 2018

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