The Nationals Decentralisation Election promise Population Policy Taskforce

Decentralisation Plan will grow Gippsland

The Nationals have outlined a comprehensive plan for decentralising our state that will help grow Gippsland towns, invest in infrastructure and create more local jobs.

The Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien said the Liberal Nationals have announced that payroll tax will be reduced to just 1 per cent from 4.25 per cent for all regional businesses outside Melbourne as a further measure to stimulate growth in country Victoria.

“I was pleased to be chair for some time of the Coalition’s Population Policy Taskforce and we are now seeing the fruits of that policy work being delivered ahead of the state election on November 24.

“The announcement that we will slash payroll tax will be great news for local businesses and will help attract new businesses to our regional areas.

“Gippsland businesses have told me for some time how payroll tax is a tax on jobs and discourages them from expanding and employing more local workers.

“This payroll tax reduction is part of our plans for ensuring we create a state of cities, not a city state centred on Melbourne.”

Mr O’Brien said other policies The Nationals will take to the election include the appointment of a Minister for Decentralisation and a Minister for Population which will be the Deputy Premier and Premier respectively, as well as a further review of taxation measures to drive decentralisation and significant investment in transport infrastructure to better connect our regional centres.

“Our plan for European style high-speed rail that will deliver fast services between Melbourne and every country rail line will help stimulate growth in our Gippsland towns and improve transport access to Melbourne.

“This plan will also deliver a dedicated line for Gippsland through Melbourne's south eastern suburbs which will help address ongoing performance issues on the Gippsland line and also open up the prospect of a return of trains to South Gippsland in the future.

“People regularly tell me we can’t let Melbourne keep growing and getting more and more congested.

“The Nationals have heard this message and we have now a suite of policies including tax cuts and regional infrastructure that will help decentralise our state and grow Gippsland towns.”


The Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien says The Nationals in government will ensure the growth of Gippsland towns.

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