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Courses cut and still no funding for Fulham

The Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien, has taken concerns over course cuts and community concern over the future of the Fulham campus of Federation Training direct to State Parliament.

Mr O’Brien asked the Minister for Training and Skills when the government will finally provide funding and a long-term solution for the Fulham campus to be moved into Sale.

“The campus seems to be slowly being downgraded. There are just four Certificate II courses now being offered and only 21 Certificate II and above.

“In the last year the following courses have been cut: nursing, information, digital media and technology, hairdressing, plumbing, hospitality and photo imaging.

“The community, including the business community, is getting angry at the delays and conflicting messages from the government and Federation Training.

“With Hazelwood and now the Heyfield mill closing, the Wellington Shire is anxious about future opportunities.”

Mr O’Brien said a 2017 course guide published last year showed 38 accredited courses, ranging from Certificate I through to Diplomas, but the Federation Training website now shows just 24.

A number of automotive courses have also been dropped, with only heavy vehicle and agricultural mechanical still running.

Mr O’Brien questioned why Gippsland seemed to be missing out.

“In the last month the Labor Government has announced millions of dollars for other parts of the state.  The Sale community has been campaigning for over a decade to have the campus moved into Sale either to a new greenfield site or at the very least to a redeveloped brownfield site. 

“As the minister is aware, the Fulham campus is old and falling apart. This is a fact she acknowledged in a previous response to a question from me.

“When will this government heed the call and do something for Gippsland?”

In late 2016, a large number of Federation Training employees were made redundant or failed to have their contracts renewed.

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