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Anger builds over shoddy Gippsland roadworks

Thursday, 29 March 2018


Anger builds over shoddy Gippsland roadworks

The Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien, has taken community concern over poor local road works to State Parliament.

Mr O’Brien has sought answers from the Andrews Labor Government over claims of poor performance of road re-construction and maintenance in the region.

“Poor roads is probably the number one issue that people raise with me in the Gippsland South electorate and indeed there are many areas that are in a bad state.

“But what frustrates people a lot is seeing new road works or road re-builds that deteriorate soon after, leading to pot holes and other road defects.

“I’ve asked the Minister for Roads to investigate the contracts that VicRoads has between itself and its contactors, and to see whether the enforcement of quality standards is adequate.

“I recently met with an experienced constituent in this field, who showed me some poor stretches of work along the South Gippsland Highway including the failure to properly clean out culverts and build-up of road metal on the shoulder of the road – not on the road surface where it should have been.

“I also get a lot of complaints from people about who pays for the defects and have sought assurances from the Minister that taxpayers do not have to pay twice for bad road works.”

Mr O’Brien has also called on the State Government to reinstate the Country Roads and Bridges program which, under The Nationals in government, provided $1 million to country councils for their own local roads.

“While the VicRoads state highway network is in desperate need of an upgrade, many of our local shire roads are in poor condition too.

“We were helping shires get on top of that situation with our Country Roads and Bridges program which was axed by the Labor Party when it came to Government.

“This is the party that wasted $1.3 billion not to build the East-West Link and yet can’t find $160 million for our country roads.

“Labor should be reinstating this program as soon as possible so that our roads don’t deteriorate further.”

Photo caption: The Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien is calling for improvements in road building and maintenance standards.

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