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Allow a few minutes extra to arrive alive

The Nationals Member for Gippsland South Danny O’Brien is encouraging all motorists to take care and think of others to ensure they arrive at their destination safely when travelling this Christmas and New Year period.

Mr O’Brien said with the additional traffic in the area over the festive season, drivers should take particular care when travelling around Gippsland.

“Whether it’s heading to Seaspray or Venus Bay for the day, or off to the Prom or Loch Sport for a few nights or those who enjoy a ride through the magnificent winding hills of Gippsland, it’s important to allow a few extra minutes to make sure you arrive safely,” Mr O’Brien said.

“Those driving should avoid alcohol and ensure they take regular rest breaks when travelling long distances.

“Most accidents are avoidable. In the main they happen because people make poor choices.  If you are driving be sure that you observe the rules of the road.”

Mr O’Brien said the adage that only city drivers die on country roads was simply not true.

“Country roads kill country people. Often local people become complacent when travelling roads they traverse every day, but during the peak season, conditions are not the same and this is why locals need to take extra care,” Mr O’Brien said.

“During summer, many of those travelling the roads we drive everyday are not from the area and are unfamiliar with the conditions and may react differently to what a local would, so I appeal to Gippslanders to allow for five minutes extra and try not to get frustrated.”

Mr O’Brien also urged people to take care while in and on the water over summer.

“Thousands of people will flock to our seaside towns, our rivers and lakes over summer to enjoy the natural assets that we are lucky enough to admire every day and people need to look out for each other, swim at patrolled beaches and take time at boat ramps and jetties,” Mr O’Brien said.

“Look out for your mates, ensure children are supervised and swim between the flags. Everyone can play an active role in ensuring locals and visitors are safe around the water this summer.”

Mr O’Brien also encouraged Gippslanders to spare a though for police and emergency services workers who were often unable to spend the festive period with their loved ones due to work commitments.

“I would like to send a special thank you to you those people, many of whom will undoubtedly be required to work in often difficult circumstances during the festive break,” Mr O’Brien said.

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